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GateHub is a brand new Ripple Gateway located in EU. GateHub is a carefully crafted combination of Gateway and Client. It allows existing ripple users to quickly transfer money in and out of the network. Additionally it makes it easy for new users to learn about ripple and use it out of the box.

Top Trading Pairs

PairVolume 24h USDPrice USD
XRP/BTC$ 116,407$ 0.459611
XRP/USD$ 68,179$ 0.444510
XRP/EUR$ 44,285$ 0.449997
XRP/ETH$ 19,325$ 0.462981
BTC/USD$ 86.76$ 0.000000
ETH/USD$ 4.09$ 0.000005
XRP/ETC$ 0.059870$ 0.439048